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Moving abroad is a significant life change

Our new neighbour visited us a few days ago. As a newly arrived expatriate, he was wondering about the bottles that everyone has in front of their house. He was referring to our drinking water. Moving abroad - That is how it started for us too around six years ago. We...

Performance management for expatriates

Performance management for expatriates

There is interesting research about performance management related to expatriates and suggestions for designing effective solutions especially for their unique needs.  "It seems that most organizations evaluate and manage expatriates on an ad-hoc basis, often leading...

International assignments and the spouse’s career

International assignments and the spouse’s career

Resent research shows that assignment abroad has a profound effect on the well-being of assignee's spouse and the whole family. And this has a clear impact on the success of the assignment. However, difficulties in a family’s adaptation in a new country is one of the...

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