How does Northern Europe look like through expat eyes? Based on the latest Expat Insider survey the Quality of Life index is high (Finland scoring 4th out of 59 countries worldwide) and especially clean air was scoring high in all Nordic countries (in this study Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Estonia). What great results to be happy about.

However, Ease of Settling in index was low for all Nordic countries. Feeling like home and finding friends seems to be especially difficult up North. Also friendliness is scoring low. During these times when Nordic countries need international professionals we all could do something for this. Usually on a personal level being friendly and interested in and willing to listen to another person is already a good starting point. And does not cost anything!

 If you are working with global mobility matters it is also possible to ease up settling in to Finland for your international professionals. Many great things can be done inside of the organization making professionals and their families feel welcomed. Sometimes it can also be a great idea to support your professionals and or their partners with individual or group coaching. As relocation psychologists we are happy to help with this.

 If we all do something we might find Nordic countries scoring higher next time. Small things matter – many times feeling connected starts with a genuine smile!

 You cn read the results for North Europe here. Screenshot from the same page.