Additional Services

Customised webinars, workshops, group-coaching and supporting international professionals and family going abroad or to settle in Finland
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Other services for organizations & international professionals

Customised webinars, group-coaching, well-being and assessment services targeted to support global mobility situations. Also helping international professionals and their family to settle in Finland.  

Webinars & Workshops

Customised trainings on the themes that are relevant for expats: well-being at work and coping skills, work life balance, resilience and psychological flexibility, change situations (emotions, sense of coping and control, change curve etc.), psychological contract, self-management and leadership skills.

Group Coaching

Group and peer discussion processes for those relocating, on assignment on or repatriating from expatriate assignment. Discussions are led by psychologists, with the opportunity to share good practices and learnings, and gain peer support from others; also a great networking possibility with those in the same situation.

360° Assessments

The purpose of the 360° assessments is to be an important feedback channel before relocating and while staying on expatriate assignment – this 360° assessment is tailored to the expatriate situation.

Support Services for Internationals Professionals and Family to Settle in Finland

The purpose of support services for international professionals and their family is to help them to integrate to the Finland and especially spouses to Finnish labor market and work life. Can include in-depth career coaching and guidance as well as concrete help with updating CV and cover letter to be suitable in Finland.