On Demand Psychological Counseling

When there is an acute need to talk to a work psychologist
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When there is an acute need to talk

During the international assignment there might be some unexpected situations when psychological coaching is needed. The purpose is to be of help for those professionals abroad and family who have an acute need to talk to a work psychologist. The topics can be anything related to work, own well-being, relationship or family situation, and more. Whatever presses the mind, it is worth to talk about it.

1-4 x
1 h sessions

Work-Related Challenges

When support to cope with stress or other work-related challenges is needed. The reason to ask for help might be burnout symptoms, difficulties with colleagues or a manger, difficulties with self-management skills or loss of professional self-esteem.

Challenges Related to Private Life

Loneliness, difficulties in creating new social connections, family and relationship issues, challenges in building a new life in a new country and reconciling work and other life can all be reasons for asking a helping hand. The help is especially needed in any unexpected crisis situation like illness, divorce or death.

Internal Challenges

Psychological support is needed especially when there is any signs or symptoms of mental challenges like depression, anxiety, etc. The feeling of losing the control and/or security, which is often associated to the change situations, can be also very stressful. 

External Challenges

For an expat living in a foreign country a fear of war or terrorism can be very relevant reason to ask help to cope with the fear. A global pandemic restricting fundamental human needs and rights can be also very stressful, especially when you are far away from home and their support network.