Early this year we started to talk about the fact that people get different kinds of support from the companies when relocating – moving, schools, language, even cultural training etc., but realised there is a real lack of psychological support. We thought this was important – especially in the COVID times with extra stress factors – and started to research and benchmark more about this topic. Talking with global mobility professionals also gave us a strong indication that there should be this kinds of service. So we decided to roll our sleeves and answer to this need.
Now we are happy to tell that as relocation psychologists we support our international clients to make sure among other things that
– right people leave to the assignments and the process itself is well planned and lead,
–  assignees and families get the most out of living and working abroad and coping with possible challenges as well as
– the repatriation is planned and supported upfront to the best of the organization and the assignees.
We are a great team based on the fact that we have a common and strong background from the field of people, HR & work and organizational psychology. We are combining our knowledge and experience from HR in-house roles and consultancy as well as draw from our own experience of living abroad with and without a family.
You can read more about our services from our new website (link in the comments) and do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions in mind where we could be of help – or if you know someone in your network that could find our services useful.
We are happy to help to make international work life and wellbeing for expats and their families better!