Resent research shows that assignment abroad has a profound effect on the well-being of assignee’s spouse and the whole family. And this has a clear impact on the success of the assignment. However, difficulties in a family’s adaptation in a new country is one of the most typical reasons for assignment failures. 

Therefore, it would be beneficial for the companies and organizations to pay attention not only to the factors that affect the well-being of the assignee, but also the well-being of assignees spouses and families. Especially the spouse’s career  – a super important aspect – highlighted in this article. 

And this is why we are here! We support companies to take care of their people and their families to have a successful and happy assignee experience from relocation through international work life to repatriation! We also help international professionals and family to settle in Finland.

We are happy to help your organization as well! 

You can read the article here in Finnish.