Our new neighbour visited us a few days ago. As a newly arrived expatriate, he was wondering about the bottles that everyone has in front of their house. He was referring to our drinking water.
Moving abroad – That is how it started for us too around six years ago. We had just arrived in Dubai with our firstborn, a three-month-old daughter. There were questions about even the simplest and fundamental matters in our everyday life, new surroundings, culture, and social network as well as the health care needed. And having a newborn baby gave a unique dimension to it. Together we were in a new reality of parenthood and starting our new life here. My husband was also busy with building his new essential relationships in the office and with clients.
Clearly moving abroad is a significant life change including psychological adjustment with its ups and downs. At the same time, nothing happens in isolation and there is always the “whole package” around a certain life phase. Different life phases and situations create their own kinds of developmental challenges. By noticing it, you might get some good ideas about how to support your people in your company.
Who are your international people? For example, how is it to move abroad when you are at the beginning of your career? Or with or without family? And how has it been especially for them during the pandemic?
We would be happy to discover how we could support the psychological adjustment, growth, and learning with your people, especially in your company.